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About Us

Company History

Top Choice Real Estate School was founded and currently operated by Troy Gray. In 2005, he began his career as a math instructor in the State of Florida public school system. While growing up in the city of Jacksonville and throughout his career in the public school system, Troy developed a passion for real estate.  Since he has always had a passion for real estate, in 2012 Troy decided to pursue a license in real estate industry and became a license Florida Real Estate Sale Agent. In his role as a sales agent, people would always express interest in becoming an agent and would ask, “How can I get my real estate license?”

So, he began to informally assist friends and associates obtain their real estate license. After some careful consideration and extensive research, Troy decided to further his position in the real estate industry as a licensed Florida Real Estate Instructor. While working as a real estate instructor and seeing the changes made in individuals lives after passing their course in real estate industry. He endeavored to facilitate an innovative learning environment for individuals interested in obtaining the tools needed for success in the real estate industry. In the fall of November 2018, Top Choice Real Estate School was established.  

Our Philosophy

Top Choice Real Estate School provides services, as opposed to a product, our advantages are only as strong as our owner and instructors. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, easy to understand, and clear delivery of the information, we will take the following steps to support the educational services:

Our Overview

Provide current educational materials needed for success. Foster an environment where open dialogue is encouraged between instructors and students. Utilize innovative teaching methods to assist in student progress. Performance assessment to measure student progress. Provide essential tools need to complete all exams successfully 

Our Mission

Our mission at Top Choice Real Estate School is to develop the skills needed for our students to become successful in the real estate industry. Top Choice is committed to providing world-class education, sharing innovative study skills, and fostering new and empowering professional connections.

Florida Real Estate State Test Passing Result

Traditional Testing (As of June 2021)
Sale Associate First Time Taker = 45%
Broker First Time Taker = 58%
Total Sale Associate = 38% 
Total Broker = 42%

Online Testing  (As of June 2021)
Sale Associate First Time Taker = 49%
Broker First Time Taker = 63%
Total Sale Associate = 42% 
Total Broker = 49%

Top Choice Class Passing Rate
Traditional Testing = 94%
Online Testing = 70%