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Our mission at Top Choice Real Estate School is to develop the skills needed for our students to become successful in the real estate industry. Top Choice is committed to providing world-class education, sharing innovative study skills, and fostering new and empowering professional connections.

Who We Are!!

Top Choice Real Estate School provides services, as opposed to a product, our advantages are only as strong as our owner and instructors. Aside from ensuring our team is flexible, easy to understand, and clear delivery of the information, we will take the following steps to support the educational services:

  • Provide current educational materials needed for success 
  • Foster an environment where open dialogue is encouraged between instructors and students.
  • Utilize innovative teaching methods to assist in student progress. 
  • Performance assessment to measure student progress 
  • Provide essential tools need to complete all exams successfully

63 Hours Sales Associate Pre-License Class

The Sales Associate Licensing is a prerequisite class consisting of real estate principles and practices and Florida real estate license law.

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45 Hours Sales Associate Post-License Class

This  is a “how to” course for a real estate sales associate. The course covers all the subject matter prescribed by the Florida Real Estate Commission.

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72 Hours Brokers Pre-License Class

The 72 hour Broker class covers the three approaches to value, principles and practices of appraising, finance, investments analysis and brokerage management. 

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60 Hours Brokers Post-License Class

The class provides real estate brokers, sales associates, appraisers and property managers with a basic knowledge of residential construction.

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